Canete Medina’s Response to COVID-19

Our clients should be aware of some changes Canete Medina has made to keep everyone safe and productive during the current crisis. Our offices are closed as our staff are working from home. Clients and associates can still contact us by phone (1.312.474.6393 in Chicago, please visit our Contact Us webpage for other office locations) and email ( In-person meetings are by appointment only. Along with these simple adaptations, our firm is taking steps to respond fully to a rapidly evolving global community.

In these uncertain times, the arrival of COVID-19 has focused the attention of the world. We’ve seen how the pandemic reaches across borders, indifferent to matters of country or culture. We’ve seen how local responses have made an enormous difference in how the virus spreads. But even now, months after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, we see many circumstances where people don’t know enough to make critical decisions in perfect confidence.

How should foot traffic be routed to slow the spread of COVID-19? How can mass transportation be made safer for passengers and employees? How will markets evolve in response to the crisis? We at Canete Medina do not see these as philosophical or political questions. We see these as empirical questions that can be answered through rigorous data collection and analysis. We have the experience and expertise to help chart a course through these troubled waters, and more than that—we have the drive.

Our international firm has seen the pandemic’s impact from different perspectives across the globe. The ongoing loss of human lives fills us with profound sorrow, and the growing cost of economic disruption has yet to be fully understood…but we will not retreat from facing these problems. We seek to be part of a worldwide revival, recovery, and renaissance in response to the pandemic. We feel obligated to push ourselves harder, to achieve new heights of service and utility for our clients. We intend to emerge from this crisis stronger, and wiser, and ready to face the next challenge.